B U C K S C O U N T Y, P A

 William Penn's New Town has been at the historic crossroads of Bucks County since its founding in 1682.  A pivotal site of conflicts and commerce during the Revolutionary War, Newtown boasts a proud legacy of evolving from the County Seat to the Seat of Culture, offering a one-of-kind destination that melds history, the arts and the humanities to benefit the community and visitors.

 Over 300 years of history, the original town commons with its historic courthouse, chartered library and taverns has become a bustling Downtown whose Main Streets are a shining example of how venerable landmarks, contemporary traditions and a caring community can come together to form an especially dynamic whole.  Tellingly, despite "progress" and the passing of time, Newtown remains rooted in the Quaker ideals of self-reliance and respect for the simple beauty of nature, architecture and the arts.

 Edward Hicks, painter of the Peaceable Kingdom series inspired by those same Quaker values, is perhaps Newtown's well-known native son, but one has only to stroll the Main Streets of downtown to discover just how alive the arts are today.  From the welcoming sculptured benches of the Art in Public Places series to ongoing events like Aha! (Arts, History and Adventure) Fridays, Downtown Newtown fills our hearts and minds with the inspired talents of myriad artists and performers. In Newtown, everyone's invited to take a seat to enjoy our vibrant creative heritage and join the fun!

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